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December 15, 2004

Tanikalang Ginto Philippines : Best of Cyber Pinoys/12 2004

"Mga kwento ng isang tambay na engineer sa Singapore. Another literate blog ... one of the best so far..."

sinulat ni batjay nung 04:58 PM | TrackBack (2)

December 07, 2004

Digital Life by Chin Wong

Flip blogs

"...I also found the online journal of Jay David, a Filipino engineer working in Singapore. He was named "Best Blogger of 2004" for his irreverent Kwentong Tambay ng Siraulo sa Singapore ( by the Philippine Blog Awards. Genteel readers may be shocked by the off-color jokes and language, but the posts can be hilarious."

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December 02, 2004


nalaman ko ngayon na nanalo pala ako ng "THE BEST BLOGGER FOR 2004" sa philippineblogawards. muntik na akong maihi sa harap ng computer nang mabasa ko ito. buti na lang at napigilan. baka masapak kasi ako ni jet. ayaw niyang nagkakalat ako sa bahay eh. doon po sa organizers ng award na ito, maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.


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November 23, 2004

find another state of mind

tuesday's child

i'm zzzzzo zzzzleepy!

good thing AV is makulit today. he's currently singing "old tired myself"... you know, that song by celine dion. it's like i'm listening to a morning radio gag show. i miss reading his blog... somehow it mysteriously disappeared, and he seems to have no plans of resurrecting it. another thing that makes me laugh nowadays is reading batjay's blog. he's a riot! i discovered him through T.

sinulat ni batjay nung 10:36 AM | TrackBack (0)

October 28, 2004


my thoughts, my pain catalogue in hard bound

naiinggit tlaga ako kay Batjay

lagi na lang masasaya mga nasusulat niya kahit yung pangangati ng betlog niya. buwhahaha! ang taong ito ay tumanda na sa kakulitan. nakup! kung nagkaanak pala sila ni ma'm Jet eh cguradong meron instant trainee itong si batjay..

ei..minsan nde ako makapag udpate ng blog..baka nandun ako sa teritoryo ni batjay at nakikipag halakhakan.

sinulat ni batjay nung 04:18 PM | TrackBack (3)

October 21, 2004

[rebelpixel productions]

Wazzup, wazzup!

Hehehe. By the way, I just discovered this hilarious pinoy weblog, feeling mo mga tambay talaga kausap mo.

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October 14, 2004

Slacking off

Moster Inc. - Allan Moster Simonette Moster Jalo Moster

Wow, three days na akong nag pre pretend na me ginagawa sa opis. Ang hirap palang mag kunwari. Natapos ko na kasi yung ginagawa ko pero since hanggang biernes pa yung sked para matapos eh sinasamantala ko na :) Teka, maintindihan kaya ng mga kano tong entry na to? Patay!

Nagtingin tingin ako ng blog na nominated dito. Yung site ni Batjay nangibabaw. Di ako napagod kakabasa ng mga entries nung loko. Nakakaaliw! I wonder where he gets his ideas?

sinulat ni batjay nung 11:50 AM | TrackBack (2)

September 24, 2004

Elevated to the Next Level

Din's World, August 2004

I was on my way to meet Jay for breakfast. And, while I was in the elevator, I got busy returning my phone inside my bag when I realized I was going the opposite direction... going up! Crazy huh? Turns out I forgot to press the basement button and when it opened on the ground floor and the lady boarded, it automatically went up, of course.

Anyway, after an additional 5 minutes in the elevator, I was finally off to Starbucks to meet the funniest man online. I got there first (thank God!). Boo! And he was there 3 minutes after. We had a honey-glazed doughnut and mint blend tea each (c/o Jay... maraming salamat po kuya).

I had a grand time chatting with him, laughing rather. But, I missed spidey. In December perhaps. Topics discussed withheld on the grounds that it definitely can incriminate me. Hahaha.

Oh, and my heartfelt thanks for the ma pa (from Bee Cheng Hiang no less)!!! I know the long journey to get it to me was the better part of the gift. Ang sarap, pare! Promise, I'll share it with my babies.

That's Jay, another good online friend proven to exist in real time! See you in December! (On a side note: mas maputi ka in person... Jet, blineach mo ba?)

Just in case you're wondering what the letter says, here it goes:


26 Sept 2004

Hi Din Din!

Dahil sa sobra mong pangungulit,
hindi ko nalimutang maghanap ng BCH bakwa
sa airport. No mean feat -- dahil ulyanin ako.

I hope you guys enjoy the meat
sent w/much... with much -- I don't know.
Hehehe. Concern? Affection? Di pa nga kita nakikita.

In any case, all the best from Jet & I.


P.S. Nagtae ang sign pen ko. Gardemet.

sinulat ni batjay nung 11:55 AM | TrackBack (4)

September 20, 2004


September 20, 2004, Manuel L. Quezon III

In MgA kWeNtOnG tAmBaY nG sIrAuLo Sa SiNgApOrE, Batjay reports an end to egg rationing in Singapore.

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September 10, 2004


shitty law for the shirtless

Excerpt: gabi na at kababasa ko lang ng latest entry ni batjay. di ako makatulog dahil sa kakatawa at sa lasting image na naiguhit sa utak ko ng sarcastic "outfit" nya...

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September 08, 2004

Secondthoughts ni DON MANUEL VILORIA - 09/07/2004

The Pinoy's Fascination With Eggs
Posted by Manuel Viloria

Pinoys love eggs. We eat it in so many ways, at different times of the day. For breakfast, there's tuyo (fried fish) with egg. For lunch, we eat it with arroz a la cubana. For dinner, when the cook is not feeling that creative, we eat egg with tapa.

Pinoys also associate eggs with jokes. Just sprinkle the word itlog (Tagalog for egg) in your conversation, and watch how the other Filipinos react. That reminds me of this incident many years ago during the noontime show "Student Canteen."

* * *

What made MLQ III's day?


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September 07, 2004

Made my day

GALING KAY MANUEL L QUEZON TRILOGY: (astig! na special mention ng isang respetadong tao na apo pa ng idol kong don manuel l. quezon)

Last night during dinner, someone mentioned he reads my blog and praised the blog of Batjay. This made me resolve to catch up on my blog-reading.

Want to know why Batjay's blog has fans? Read this entry, which made my day: Kwentong Tambay: SIR, ANONG GUSTO NYO SA ITLOG NYO? NILAGA? PRINITO? O MAY PULBOS?

sinulat ni batjay nung 12:48 PM | TrackBack (1)

August 20, 2004

The Phil. Accdg. to Blogs

Featured Pinoy Blog of the Week, August 20, 2004:

where in the world is spiderman Someone once said that we should never let the child in us die. Ever. It is the secret mental stability. Perhaps, this 37-year-old engineer lives by that credo. Otherwise, how can he take a single piece of toy and create a whole outrageously funny blog with it?

Batjay's Spiderman has been to the beach, the movies and has even gone on a plane ride to Australia. Ronald McDOnald has even obligingly posed for a photo with him once.

It is difficult to write about Where in the World is Spiderman? It is a blog to be experienced, not to be described. It's irreverent adult humor has to be savored rather than told. It is a blog that tells us that playing is as essential as breathing.

Visit Where in the World is Spiderman?!

sinulat ni batjay nung 05:24 PM | TrackBack (1)

August 18, 2004


ON CRASHING BLOG SITES: "The Caped crusader to the rescue"

In cases like this, who do you call? Nobody else but the caped crusader, Batjay! He simply told me to republish because it seems that my template was corrupted. Even offered to send him my username and password so that he could take a look. (Well, the idea did cross my mind but that would be imposing too much) I followed his suggestion to republish. First I clicked on edit so that I can get to the "republish" button and voila, they appeared. Although the links were no longer there, at least, the entries and comments remained in tact. What a relief! So, bloggers out there, I hope nothing of this sort ever happens to you. But anyway, if it does, donít despair. There are a lot of good Samaritans out there ready to help. After all, we are just one big community.

[...ipagpatuloy ang pagbasa tungkol sa "MGA TURO NI TITO ROLLY"]
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August 16, 2004


Audio Blogging With MP3 Files - Secondthoughts - 08/16/2004

I noticed that Batjay put a link directly to his MP3 file. When you click on that link, you'll download the MP3 file first before your computer plays it. For some people, it's as if nothing happens, because it can take a while before they hear the song.

[...ipagpatuloy ang pagbasa tungkol sa "VILORIA.COM NI DON MANUEL"]
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August 15, 2004


the silent conversation... nakakatawa ito dahil di ito pinoy at di marunong mag tagalog pero sige pa rin sa pag link.

ok. on a totally irrelevant note, check out this blog at: u might not understand a single shit, cept for the clutters of english here and there. but it's good stuff. n look out for "lab u!!" and "dear gentle readers". n its fun coz when u actually read the things out loud, it sounds like u're swearing.

sinulat ni batjay nung 11:53 AM | TrackBack (1)

August 13, 2004


A Virtual Ate

Filipinos like Ate Sienna, Gerry Egbalic of and Jay David of continue to serve Filipinos who have discovered blogging as a means of conveying qualms, successes, angst and opinions ranging from personal to political. Their commitment to help other Filipinos to connect and bond through this medium is extremely commendable.

Kudos to you from me and Somalilanders from all over the world who enjoy the benefits of this blog. I hope we do personally meet someday.

[...ipagpatuloy ang pagbasa tungkol sa "INSIDE SOMALILAND"]
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August 08, 2004


Renaissance Girl ni Ate Mona

I've been really busy lately. So busy that I'm starting to break out -- a sure sign of work-related stress. But instead of attempting to touch your hearts with a tale about my long battle with acne, today, I have decided to redirect you to one of many on-line "pastures" I enjoy -- where the grass is greener, the writing touches or tickles, and zit puss is non-existent.

The first stop on this tour of the www is the home page of a guy from the land where unemployment is low, cigarette boxes have pictures of dead babies and chewing gum is frowned upon. Meet Batjay.

[...ipagpatuloy ang pagbasa tungkol sa "DISCOVERING THE WWW: STOP ONE"]
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February 05, 2004


Random Collisions ni PIAGorgeous

BatJay's blog is in a league of it's own. I'm seriously feeling sorry for everyone who cannot read in Tagalog because you are missing out on a lot:)

sinulat ni batjay nung 11:26 AM | TrackBack (1)

January 28, 2004


Pinoy Blog > BatJay at Kwentong Tambay - Secondthoughts - 01/28/2004

Thanks to Mona and her entry about forgetfulness, I stumbled upon BatJay's Kwentong Tambay blog. It's such a Pinoy blog, what with the Taglish, the humor, and the expressions that make it seem he's right beside you. But I'm particularly drawn towards his January 15, 2004 post entitled: Happy Birthday MyLab (Happy Birthday, My Love).

[...ipagpatuloy ang pagbasa tungkol sa "DON MANUAL AT VILORIA.COM"]
sinulat ni batjay nung 10:41 AM

December 08, 2003


Some Random Thoughts on Adobo

BatJay writes on adobo power -- twice -- praises his partner's cooking, and ponders python adobo.

sinulat ni batjay nung 11:32 AM | TrackBack (0)
I am an overseas filipino worker. Now, I am part of that "babalik ka rin crowd" you see around christmas time, arriving at the NAIA in droves from all over, gold chain around their necks, in jeans and maong jacket, ray-ban shades, goatee, and baseball cap, pababa pa lang ang eroplano kinukuha na ang hand-carry luggage at nagpapalakpakan na't handang halikan ang lupa pagka-landing!


[::..mga kinaiinisan..::]

george w bush's smirk, mga pangalan na nilalagyan ng "h" (katulad ng jhune, dhanny, jhoey, jhim, jhay, jhet, mayron pa nga akong kilalang piph), tunog ng baril ni agent X44 Tony Falcon, tunog ng suntok ng mga pelikulang pinoy, people who say "at the end of the day" all the time, allergic reactions to seafood, tunog ng stirofoam pag pinisil, tunog ng kinaskas na kuko sa blackboard, war, alikabok, the term "weapons of mass destruction", sales people who always say "absolutely", people who don't take a bath everyday, anghit, people who don't change their shirts everyday, tropical heat, people with anghit who don't take a bath and don't change their shirts everyday at kasabay mong maglakad in the tropical heat, cnn's jim clancey's reporting, monday afternoons, NAIA, the term "liberating the iraqi people", jeepney fumes, standing on a bus going home, cruise missles, pelikulang bumbay, stale coffee, tomahawk missles, january 2, ping lacson, tessie aquino ureta, pimples, powdered orange juice, elevator music, kenny-g's music, elevator playing kenny-g's music, donald rumsfeld's squint, funeral parlors, hospitals, hospital morgues, cold showers, nagtataeng ballpen, nagtataeng ballpen na nakalagay sa bulsa ng puting polo shirt, lapis na bale, disco music, rap music, loud bar music, loud rap music played in a bar, non-functioning remote control, scientific calculators that are not casio, automatic watches that stop in the middle of the night, smelly farts that are not mine, come to think of it - any kind of fart that did not come from my asshole, "bawal umihi dito" signs (ang mahole, bogbog), sunglasses na tabingi pag sinuot mo, yellow-orange shirts, pink pants for men, pantalon na bitin, lalaki na naka yellow-orange shirt na may ternong pink pants na bitin, lawlaw na shorts, tsinelas na luma, loud preachers inside a bus (PRAISE THE GOD!), el shaddai, amerikana ni brother mike, brother mike, good friday, american war propaganda, train stations in india, being thirsty, LBM, smelly hair, ugly american speeches, tinapay na may amag, mainit na coke, soft boiled egg na sobrang soft, CNN reporters na pumipikit-pikit pag nagrereport, sign pen na walang tinta, CD na tumatalon, abstract painting na binebenta sa bangketa sa quiapo, palenkeng maputik, cell phones ringing inside theatres, sappy love song ring tones, sappy love song ringtones ringing inside theatres, loud text message ringtones, mcdo hamburgers na may chii sauce, taxes, ringing phones at 2 o clock in the morning, traffic jams, fast changing traffic lights, war councils, tapilok, somebody wearing turtle neck sweaters in manila, somebody wearing leather jackets in manila, somebody wearing leather jackets over tutleneck sweaters in manila, the term "decisive force", censorship, self righteous people, self righteous censors, names i can't pronounce, people calling me "david", riding in a car that's been left baking in an open parking lot in manila at 12 o clock noon, pentel pen na malapit nang maubusan ng tinta, the disco song entitled "zodiac", low batt cellphone right when you need it, underpowered cars, stars on 45 music, stars on 45 music being played inside buses, stars on 45 being played inside a bus when a preacher suddenly shouts "PRAISE THE LORD" while you are a few seconds from finally taking a nap, funeral wreathes, lumang pera, kahit anong pelikula ni steven segal (except yung kasama niya si idol kong tommy lee jones), ang mukha ni prime minister john howard ng australia, "operation iraqi freedom"...
...AND, the most kinaiinisang bagay-bagay as of late: the term "shock and awe".